The internet is terrified of the new ‘Cats’ trailer

So… that just happened. The live-action trailer of Cats was released earlier today—and the internet is going nuts. In sadly more bad ways than good.

Starring big names such as Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, Francesca Hayward, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, James Corden, and many more, the trailer… kind of gave the internet the creeps.

Okay, more than just creeps. Let’s just say it was like trying to swallow a sandwich with all the wrong ingredients. Or so twitter says.

The two minutes and 33 seconds of trailer featured our first glimpse of the digitally furred stars, and seeing human cats walking and dancing on TWO LEGS was WEIRD beyond words. But I guess we shouldn’t have expected something like Catwoman, or even Cat in the Hat.


Let’s look at some of twitter’s best reactions:

Most of the bad reception is due to the animation and digital fur extravaganza going on. “The cats in the movie named Cats do not have some fur but also fur-colored skin and also fingers and breasts maybe?? Nope. That is not a thing that is happening in this world,” Elle commented.

It seems like the star-studded live-action is off to a rough start. Maybe the hit broadway musical was never meant to take the big screen in the first place.

I certainly hope they prove us wrong.

Will you be seeing Cats this Christmas? Here is the trailer and let us know in the comments!



Photo courtesy of IMDb

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