Don’t be scared of ending the honeymoon phase of your relationship

The honeymoon phase in a relationship is the part where you don’t hate each other yet. Hello Giggles explains, “You and your partner agree on everything, you want to do the same activities on the weekends and you always look great and shiny and happy.” There’s no specific timeframe as to how long this lasts—it could take months, even a couple years.

How will you know when it’s over? The usual answer is you get comfortable and you don’t do the same mushy stuff you used to do. It’s like that sequence in Don Jon where Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) constantly go on dates and have sex. Then it transitions to them fighting at home and Jon complaining that it’s not the same relationship from the last few months.

Many people, including my friends, dread the ending of the honeymoon phase because it’s the crucial period when anything bad could happen. It feels like one wrong move could lead to a massive fight and a breakup. But if you get too comfortable, the lack of communication can be bad too. You’re walking on eggshells here.

But should it really be something one should fear? Absolutely not.

Whether it’s a relationship or a marriage, people go through a honeymoon so they can get to know their partners on a personal and intimate level. Once it fades away, this is when the walls are brought down.

Elite Daily listed down reasons why the end of the honeymoon phase is a must. The first is that couples are more comfortable with each other. Remember, this is one of the fears I mentioned above. It also said couples become more serious about their relationship. “This is where you find out if your love is real, and if it has what it takes to go the distance,” Elite Daily noted.

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Women told Independent that the best part of post-honeymoon is they don’t need to fake being perfect around their partner. This is where you show each other’s quirks, which may annoy the sh*t out of you sometimes, but you’re still okay at the end of the day.

On bad days, couples might argue over things they don’t agree with, and that’s normal.Every relationship has its own set of challenges, big and small. That’s why constant communication is important to figure out what needs to be improved, and also allow yourself and your significant other to open up more about their feelings.

Post-honeymoon is definitely about keeping the foundation you’ve built at the start of the relationship. Her Campus suggested you shouldn’t forget the way you treated each other during the honeymoon phase. At the same time, this is where you can assess if you’re in this for the long run or it’s just a “passing fling.”

We admit, it can be scary to think that your relationship will never be the same after the honeymoon phase. But instead of looking at it as an intimidating experience, it should be a learning curve for both of you. After all, you get to know each other every day, including the dark moments, and you learn how to maintain a partnership with another person who’s different from you. That’s the beauty of it.


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