Solenn Heussaff goes into home decor

SolennHome_Solenn Heussaff_Studio Soliven

SolennHome_Solenn Heussaff_Studio Soliven

Solenn Heussaff always finds different creative outlets—from designing bags and clothes to having her art printed on swimsuits. Now she’s going into home furnishings and decor. She’s collaborating with Studio Soliven known for their designer rugs as well as fine art prints.

Both Solenn and Studio Soliven teased of their upcoming collaboration and says that there will be more information coming soon. For now, we’re left to ogle at this rug that Solenn is sitting on. 

This is actually not the first project between the two, they also work #KidsTakeHeART. Solenn believes that art is one of the most important things to teach a child—“art teaches them how to think and not what to think”—and so, they up a project that will allow children to join her in a painting class and have their artwork immortalized into a rug. 20 percent of the proceeds were given to Kalipay Negrense Foundation

So if you want to take home a rug designed by Solenn, we promise to keep you posted. Just keep checking this space. 


Photo courtesy of Favour Ajah from Solenn Heussaff’s Instagram account

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