Morenas, these MFF beauty trends are for you

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Fashion shows are pretty good indicators of the beauty trends we’ll be seeing everywhere from editorials to everyday life. Personally, I like looking at the more wearable ones and think, “Oh, this one works with any skin tone. So it might work with my morena skin!” There are also times wherein certain makeup looks would convince me to try colors I never thought of using before.

During the last four days of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, we hung out backstage and saw models getting their makeup done before and during shows. This gave me the opportunity to observe the beauty trends that people of any complexion can try. Check them out below.

Solid colors

Dak Bonite’s models stood out during day one because they had on hot pink eyeshadow to match their vibrant, unicorn-appropriate ensembles. The use of solid color carried over to other days, where models lids were colored with red and purple.

Cat-eye liner

Eyeliner always adds dimension to any look, especially if the face is kept natural-looking. Aside from using a felt-tip liner, we spotted models from Kelvin Morales with wings shaped with black eyeshadow.

Bronzey from head to toe

For Yong Davalos, models were required to look glowy and bronzey. We even saw model Jach Manere applying Nuxe bronzing oil on her legs, and also brushing on highlighter on her fellow models’ collarbones. This trend will work best for medium to dark skin tones.

Strong cheekbones

To go with Wilbur Lang’s Wiccan-inspired collection, models were made to look ghostly pale. They also had strong cheekbones from the blush and contour, giving them that sunken face look. Of course it isn’t required for you to do the same technique. Just do an on-fleek contour that’s enough to cut glass.

No-makeup makeup is still a thing

Dewy and natural-looking makeup is the staple for all. For Michael Sta. Maria’s show, models had minimal makeup on and only had a bit of blush for that flushed effect.


Photos by Javier Lobregat and JP Talapian

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