Your zodiac isn’t to blame for your failed relationships

For all the fascination people have with horoscopes and astrology, there are also downsides to it. Sure, comparing zodiac signs and checking your compatibility with someone—be it a friend or a potential suitor—is fun to do. But sometimes, people just can’t help but blame things happening to them on their or someone else’s signs.

It’s true that zodiac signs—the sun sign, rising sing, moon sing, and all that—can give you an idea as to how a person acts and thinks in certain situations. However, as Refinery29 notes, “astrology can’t accurately predict someone’s personality.” So let’s not get carried away with them. Here are some instances wherein it’s not really wise to blame the signs and stars.

Incompatibility with someone

We get it, you’re a fire sign and this guy you’re seeing is non-compatible sign. But take note that there are several factors to consider like how you treat each other, the quirks you hate, etc. Your signs are the last thing you should worry about.

Changing moods

Don’t put personalities and moods in one category because they’re totally different. As Her Campus puts it, “They’re hormones, and you must never underestimate.”

Spending habits

The stars don’t have access to your bank account. You do.

Bad personality

Do you have that friend who you call out for their behavior and they answer, “Oh, sorry. I act this way because I’m a [zodiac sign].” Hey, you were born a certain date but your growth as a person and how you treat other people depends on external factors. Just accept your fault and apologize.

Sleepiness and laziness

Planetary movements may be at fault for your laziness and sleepiness. But no one said that a certain zodiac sign is sleepier and more tired than others. Drink coffee, sleep early, and finish your workload already!


Art by Marian Hukom

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