My astrology birth chart showed me which signs are compatible with mine

The question, “What’s your sign?” doesn’t seem to be enough these days. Now we have people sharing their birth charts that show a zodiac sign for each planet in the solar system. If you haven’t seen one, this is what it looks like:

Yes, this is my birth chart. You can check yours here.

It looks complicated but it might reveal bits of your personality, how you deal with situations, and your approach to relationships. What you need is to know the exact time of your birth to get an accurate reading.

I recently downloaded Co-Star, a personalized astrology reading app that bases predictions on your birth chart. You can also add your friends to see their charts and if you’re compatible based on your traits. That said, you’ll find out which aspects are in-sync and need work when it comes to your relationships. So we’re giving you a crash course of what you should look out for when reading your and your companion’s—be it your significant other or your friend—birth charts.

Ego and identity (Sun)

Your sun sign is your birth sign, meaning that this represents your primary identity. Many would say that the general rule is that zodiac signs under similar elements (i.e. water signs date water signs) go together. But that’s not always the case. For example, I’m a Cancer (water) and my boyfriend is Capricorn (earth)—different elements but our traits somehow complement each other.

However, if your signs are conflicting in terms of personal traits—for example: Cancer and Aries—you can expect bouts of misunderstanding. But again, it’s a matter of observing who they are and how you can navigate your relationship with them, especially since you have other aspects to focus on.

Communication (Mercury)

Mercury is the messenger of the gods, hence it’s connection to communication. The sign associated to this planet will determine how you talk to another person, as well as your ability to connect with them through conversation. This can be measured by the sign’s intellect and wit, whether they’re extroverted or introverted, etc.

Love and emotions (Venus and Moon)

These sound the same but they’re different in terms of what you should look out for. The moon represents our emotions and moods, meaning whatever sign is assigned here represents your emotional self and how you deal with situations. It’s possible that one will let their feelings get in the way, while the other is more rational. These traits tend to clash but according to Co-Star, there’s still room to work things out.

As for Venus, it represents how you express affection and what you’re attracted to. These can range from being idealistic and open to acting more reserved and private in relationships. Once you know how your partner expresses his/her feelings, it’ll be easier for you to understand their actions within your relationship. Also, knowing their Love Language might help a bit too.

Aggression (Mars)

This generally represents assertiveness when you’re angry, in your ambition, and even how you take action in your sex life. Aggression is a bit tricky because if your signs are mismatched, you might end up fighting. A lot. For example, if your Mars is in Taurus, you tend to assert yourself in a relaxed manner, but you also rarely make the first move. This is the complete of opposite of someone whose Mars is in Sagittarius because they tend to “push boundaries” and “push things forward with more vision than thoughtfulness.” So be mindful of these things if you don’t want to have a screaming fest.

Growth (Jupiter)

Jupiter is one of the two social planets, and it represents how one wants to grow and the philosophies they follow in life. This can focus on one’s passions, emotions, and sometimes unattainable ideals. There might be times where you feel like your goals aren’t aligned and it might be best to have a deeper understanding of this part if possible.

Self-discipline and fears (Saturn)

Saturn complements Jupiter as it sets restrictions and limits to what you can do to achieve your goal. You can have the tendency to be a pushover or you’re daydreaming more than working. You can also struggle with anger issues and impatience. This practically covers all the traits and fears that are stopping you, and it can be good and bad. But you and your partner can help each other overcome these struggles, especially if you’re going through the same things.


Art by Marian Hukom

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