Next Level Adulting: Furniture Shopping With My Boyfriend

In my last relationship story, I talked about the age difference between Vince and I. And although I don’t notice anymore, he’s been doing a lot more “adult” things lately. Like buying furniture.

After a few years of waiting, he’s finally moving into his new place but he has a lot to do before he calls it home. Although the unit comes with a few appliances like a fridge, two air conditioners, and a TV, he still has to buy majority of the furniture. He’s been putting it off for a while but last week I was able to convince him to start with the essentials like a bed, desk, and pillows. He asked me to help him out so we dedicated one Saturday afternoon to furniture shopping.

Before we started, we came up with an initial list of what he had to get ranked from most to least important. Mattress and bed frame were at the top while sound system was at the bottom. Of course he needs a good sound system but the bed seemed more crucial. List in hand, we started the journey.

As we made our way through each floor, I’m glad he asked for my help. If he did it on his own, which he can, it would have taken him much longer. He was quite indecisive so he’d ask for my thoughts on each piece. I appreciate that he values my opinion but I would answer this way: “I like this one but pick which one best fits your style.” He wanted to keep things quite minimal with a color palette similar to his wardrobe like brown and blue. Although I am glad that he picked a teal-colored office chair over a gray one.

Picking a mattress took the most time because it was also the most expensive so he had to make sure it was the right one. We tested a few out, just like in Two Weeks Notice and asked the salesperson a bunch of questions about back support and memory foam. In the end, we picked the one similar to Jim Carrey’s in Yes Man so no matter how much Vince moves in his sleep, I won’t feel it.

Of course, one Saturday isn’t enough to get it all done so we’ll be going for another round tomorrow. So far, we’re both really enjoying and I’m glad he’s including me in this process. Good job, Vince! So when are you getting the Wi-Fi installed?


Art by Yayie Motos

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