Rick Ross Gives Sexist Reason Why He Won’t Sign Female Rappers On His Label

rick ross

rick ross

Let’s start Monday by calling out blatant sexism and misogyny, shall we? Rapper, producer, and record label owner Rick Ross declared recently in an interview that he doesn’t sign on a female talent because he would be too attracted to her.

The rapper, who is behind Maybach Music Group, stated this during a radio show called The Breakfast Club. Host Angela Yee asked, “What about female rappers? I know you’ve dibbled and dabbled with different artists … other female rappers but … is that something you would feel like [you would do?]”

Rick responded in the grossest way possible. “I never did it because I always thought like I would end up f**king the female rapper,” Ross answered. “F**king the business up. I’m so focused on my business … I gotta be honest with you. You know if she looking good and I’m spending so much money on her photoshoots … I gotta f**k with her a couple times.”

His answer was just laughed off by the two male hosts DJ Envy and Charlemagne. Angela then gave a scenario of how Rick would treat a female rapper he’d seen grow up and develop her talent. Would he sign her? “If she was a youngster that I felt she was bringing something to the table that’s dope,” he said. But  there’s no saving grace in this as he continued,  “A female artist that I’ve watched her whole life in the same position was Brianna Perry in Miami, but that’s special. Her uncle is family so she’s family to me.”

Rick’s replies are a reflection of how men of certain authority feel entitled to women’s bodies because they deem doing business with them as “spending on them.” It’s clear that he doesn’t see women as anything more than sexual objects. And the comments he made about treating Brianna Perry differently because she’s family? Ugh, I don’t think it can get anymore cringe-worthy. As Nylon writes, “The same thought process that only humanizes women when they are ‘someone’s sister/daughter/mother.’ It forbids women from being figures that deserve respect on their own, and rather, creates this need to associate and connect them to a man in order for them to be respected.”

The fact that this was just laughed off and treated as a joke on-air also is a problem. It just normalizes this behavior and is evidence that men like Rick see nothing wrong in their beliefs. Did he take some notes from R. Kelly?

You can listen to the fulll interview below. The sick comments start at 8:41.



Photo courtesy of Rick Ross’ Instagram account

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