Preen Meets Readers, Creates Own Pizza, Wins Friends Forever

Cool girls Sam Rodriguez and Dane Gonzalez are Preen's poster girls

Yep, Preen is now official. Officially, the best, we mean. Debuting at Project Pie, Park Square, where we served our own signature pizza (pineapple and gorgonzola on a thin crust, which was mad good—check it), Preen celebrated at an intimate gathering of a hundred or so of our closest friends in trade.

We spotted stylephiles Sam and Miggy Rodriguez, cropped top chick Dane Gonzalez, Cura V’s Kai Lim with husband Bench scion Bryan Lim, Bleach’s main brain Tinay Villamiel, stylish Shera Tiu, Apples Aberin and daughter Sam Sadwhani (who came separately, Apples with her Unilever team, while Sam showed up with her Estee Lauder posse), model cum beauty PR intern Sam Lewis, and many more who preened up for our birthday.

Preen made a lot of BFFs that day.

Our host, newlywed and perpetual cool girl, Tricia Centenera-Valenciano, told us, “It’s about time something like this came along.”

Hinge Inquirer publisher Bea Ledesma took the stage to set the record straight on what the site is: “Preen is the girl’s guide to everything. You want to know what purse to buy? It’s on Preen. What to eat at the new hot spot? Also on Preen. How to tweeze stray hairs on your nether region? That will probably be on Preen, too.”

“ is for women today,” she says.

Who are these women? Preen’s managing editor, Cai Subijano calls her the upwardly-mobile woman who’s always, well, on her mobile. “Lots of women don’t have time for leisurely reading. They want things up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, and accessible everywhere.” Which means readers can check us out via mobile, IG or Twitter and sign up for the weekly digest of news.

Look to the Preen team comprised of Cai Subijano, editor at large Ria Prieto, and section editors Randz Manucom, Meg Manzano, and Chryssa Celestino, to keep readers in the loop.

The event just ended, but we’ve only just begun. Cheers!

Want to know who else got their Preen on? Click on the sideshow above.

 Photos by Jash Manuel and Patrick Segovia