BTS’ ‘Life Goes On’ teases director Jungkook and the group’s dorm

preen bts life goes on teaser

preen bts life goes on teaser

The boys are back and they’re about to tug at our heartstrings.

After its record-shattering “Dynamite” single (which took the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart three times), BTS is returning with title track “Life Goes On” on its upcoming album “Be,” scheduled for release on Nov. 20. The group dropped the teaser for the song’s music video on Nov. 17. With main vocalist Jeon Jungkook as its director, the album has generated excitement that’s stronger than ever. 

Huddling before a campfire and watching TV in their pajamas, BTS looks cozy in the new video, with fans guessing that the new song is a ballad that will bring on the waterworks. Some ARMYs are tweeting that the vibe of the teaser reminds them of the music videos for “Spring Day” and “Epilogue: Young Forever,” both on the roster of BTS songs that tackle grief and moving on. 

Eagle-eyed ARMYs are also speculating that part of the video was shot in the living room of BTS’ dorm. Whether it’s actually their dorm or a set made to resemble their dorm, it’s definitely a detail that adds the director Jungkook touch. This at-home setting and the self-curated room concept photos point to quarantining together as one of the album’s themes. 

With songs such as “Fly To My Room” and “Dis-ease” also on the tracklist, it’s even more evident that “Be” is the group’s lockdown album. 

“Life Goes On” and the “Be” album are scheduled to be released on Nov. 20. What type of scenes are you hoping that director Jungkook would include in the music video?


Photo screengrabbed from the “Life Goes On” teaser

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