Colourette’s CEO shows us exactly how to use your platform for good

ICYMI, local beauty brand Colourette Cosmetics made the trending pages over the weekend after its CEO Nina Cabrera tweeted about the government’s apparent inaction to the recent typhoons. “Will we always be left to fend for ourselves? Can someone please take accountability for the Filipino people?!!! #NasaanAngPangulo,” she wrote.

This immediately created a storm on Twitter. Duterte supporters attempted to cancel her for her tweet, jumping into her replies and getting the hashtag #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics to trend. Cabrera took it all in stride, tweeting for all DDS clients to cancel their orders (on her TikTok, she posted how despite the number of DDS accounts claiming to have canceled theirs, she had actually only received one cancellation from her online shop) and hopping onto the tag to create a thread of donation drives. When some of her critics made a meme to make fun of her use of filters by using an unedited and unflattering photo of hers, she made that photo her display picture, showing how truly unbothered she was by it.

In true queen shit fashion, she announced on Nov. 14 that her brand was restocking their best-selling Colourtints, with 100% of the sales going to the survivors of Typhoon Ulysses. “Yes, TOTAL SALES and not profit. Kami na bahala sa COGs and OPEX namin,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. This meant that not only would her brand not be making any profit from the sales, she would also be shouldering the cost of goods and operating expenses. 

Aside from the Colourtints, the brand is also releasing merch for a cause. “100% of proceeds from our merch sales this Nov. 16-20 on Shopee and Lazada will go to relief operations and donation drives!”

Cabrera has been documenting every step of the sales, both on her Twitter and TikTok accounts (follow the latter if you want to see more of her shutting down clownery). So far, she’s reported raised over P1.6 million. A serve, if there ever is one. 

As great as it is to see someone use their platform for the good in such a clear and transparent way, let’s not forget who really needs to be highlighted: the survivors of Typhoons Ulysses and Rolly. Please try to help them in any way you can, either by buying one of charity products or by hitting up a donation drive. Every little bit counts—while we continue to fend for ourselves.


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