A list of local fandoms leading #RollyPH donation drives

Over the weekend, Typhoon Rolly (international name: Goni) hit the Philippines—leaving at least 20 people dead and thousands of families displaced from their homes. Considered the strongest typhoon of the year, Rolly’s catastrophic winds and rains had weather forecasters placing it under Category 4 and 5. The destructive typhoon first made landfall in Catanduanes early on Nov. 1 then slightly changed course and struck the Bicol region, triggering flash floods off the slopes of Mt. Mayon and loosening boulders and lahar that buried at least 300 homes, infrastructures and roads in their wake. 

Several youth organizations and local groups quickly started donation drives to bring aid and relief to typhoon-affected areas. While several netizens and celebrities used their respective platforms to bring attention to these drives, another strong force on the internet shared the bayanihan spirit—pop culture fandoms. These fandoms have proven their power before in using their platforms for relevant advocacies like supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and shutting down that pro-Trump rally back in June.

Known to band together to support their faves, they’re once again using their collective energy for a cause. Here are some #RollyPH relief initiatives led by local fan bases that you can help out.

“BTS’” Army

“2gether: The Series’” BrightWin fan base

“Gameboys’” Thirdwheels

“Gaya Sa Pelikula’s” Neighbors


Art by Tricia Guevara

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