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Some things you need to know when using block editor

Hello, welcome to the new website! This website runs on WordPress with the Zeen theme, while posts are created and edited using the Gutenberg/Block Editor.

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Things you need to know

When you create a new post, go over the sidebar first to make sure you have all your bases covered. Important tabs include categories, tags, subtitle, and featured image.

Don’t forget to fill all of these out. They’re all very important. The category will be displayed up top, tags need to be filled out to determine what appears in Related stories and Inline Posts, which you can apply by adding them as a block (see example below)

Featured Image things

There are 2 ways to insert featured images: we can insert it via uploading on our server (this is for header art done by designers), or we can insert it using an IG embed or URL.

This is one is for when we have/own the photo or art used.

This one is when we’re sourcing header photos from instagram or any other 3rd party source. You can insert the URL in the blank field without uploading it to our server. You may use this website to obtain the URL from instagram posts.

For subheads

For story subheads, use H3. No need to bold or italicize, I’ve already set them up to look the way that they do. If the team decides to change styling, please inform me so I can edit.

(1) Transforming a block from Paragraph to H2 can be done by highlighting the block
(2) and looking at the upper left side, clicking on the button next to the text align one, and clicking “Heading”. It will give you the option between choosing from H1 to H5, choose H3.

Inline posts

There are two ways we can insert inline posts: (1) By inserting an ‘inline posts’ block, which looks like this:

Pro: Looks pretty
Con: Content is automatically generated based on tags

(2) By inserting an ‘Let’s Info Up’ block, which looks like this (see to the left)

Pro: Allows you to choose what story to feature
Con: You need to upload the featured image to the server

Note: When using the block, don’t forget to set the color setting to ‘Light’. Also don’t forget to manually attach the link by highlighting the hed and inserting like usual.

Some theme features

From the editing window, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a few cute features. You’ll see Yoast SEO (which you guys are probably already familiar with), Let’s Review, Let’s Info Up, Let’s Live Blog, and other Zeen Options. I’ll just talk about Zeen Options for now but you can see examples of Let’s Review and Let’s Info Up in action linked.

Customize hero header layout

The theme actually provides an option to change the hero layout depending on the story. You can use your judgment on this but just keep in mind that we always recommend to place the title first before the featured image. I already set a default layout so you don’t have to customize it all the time, but if you feel like you want to, you may do so. The ff are the options I reco:

When using quotes as text breaker, use the “Pull Quote” block.

Sponsored content tag

If you’re posting branded content, you should still be tagging “Branded Content” as a category, but not as the primary category. This will help with transparency by tagging sponsored content without getting in the way of our archiving.

Crediting feature

Under the Misc. tab, you’ll find fields for “Source” and “Via”. You can use these to mention your sources instead of what we used to do, which was brackets at the end of the article. We can also use these to link to stock image creators.

I think that’s all of it.

Header image by Marcelo Moreira