Skip the risk of getting COVID-19 through testers with these beauty subscription boxes

Thankfully, makeup subscription boxes are still a thing

Art by Dana Calvo

All this talk about transitioning into the “new normal” has got me thinking about how the makeup industry is going to change. As a consumer, I’ve always been skeptical about how different products would look and affect my skin in the long run. But the more I think about it—isn’t makeup samplers a big no-no in a pandemic?

For someone who’s picky with products like me, swatch videos/pictures just don’t cut it. Imagine having to expect let’s say a blush look really good in a swatch sample on promotional material but look horrible on your own skin. What a nightmare! This is why I always search the shelves for a tester, which lets me get a good feel of the makeup I’m eyeing to buy.

Why is it bad? 

Well for starters, you’re not the only one who’s testing that product out. Makeup brands and distributors purposely display testers for all potential customers. Each swipe or application has your skin exposed to other customers’ skins (who you don’t know might be carrying COVID-19 around). Our germaphobe friends are probably telling us, “I told you so!”

Thankfully, makeup subscription boxes are still a thing. These carefully curated boxes filled with skincare and makeup samples are probably our “new normal testers.” Sticking to its original purpose, which is to give consumers a peek of what to expect, it’s possible that they’d be making a huge comeback later in the year. And while some of the local subscription boxes have since been discontinued, here’s a list of international boxes that are shipped worldwide:

Glossy Box

For as low as around P1,050 per month, you’ll get five premium beauty products in one box. Glossy Box prides itself on being especially curated for each customer’s beauty preference. It’s a balanced mix of skincare and cosmetic products, in case you’re not that big of a makeup fan.  

Lux Plus Subscription

If you’re leaning towards the bare-faced beauty look, skincare brand FaceTory offers a seasonal skincare subscription box that comes every three months. Containing around 10 products, the Lux Plus Subscription boxes (around P2,500 per month) gives you a complete skin-pampering experience—from makeup removers to face masks. 

Kinder Beauty Box

For vegan and cruelty-free lovers, the Kinder Beauty Box is the perfect curated box for you. Retailed for almost P1,250, it includes a mix of makeup, skincare, hair care and accessories (with two full-sized products). And if that doesn’t knock you off your socks, part of the sales benefit some of the company’s favorite environmental and animal rights causes.

The Clean Beauty Box

Just like FaceTory’s Lux Plus Subscription box, it’s also a specially curated box full of skincare goodies. However, unlike Lux Plus, The Clean Beauty Box (around P2,000 per box) gives you a vast selection of brands to try. They pride in their ability to curate products made out of ethically sourced ingredients. They also have special offers on their brands for subscribers.