Iza Calzado wants people to know she’s not involved in JaDine’s breakup

The unsuspecting celebrity was targeted by fans

The JaDine breakup left a lot of Filipinos shocked. Some netizens have even posted harsh comments and cheating accusations toward James Reid and Issa Pressman.

One unsuspecting celebrity who was targeted by fans was Iza Calzado, who shared a screenshot of a Facebook post and a DM from fans accusing her of being the alleged third party. “People of the Philippines, anong kaguluhan ito???” (What is happening???) Calzado said on her Instagram Stories. “Pero seryoso guys, sad ako nag-break ang #JaDine.” (But seriously, guys, I’m sad that #JaDine broke up.)

Now that that’s clear, can people calm down and not send hate to random people?


Photo courtesy of Iza Calzado’s Instagram account

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