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Last night, Jan. 20, the JaDine fandom was saddened by the news that James Reid and Nadine Lustre have split up. The ex-couple released a joint statement through “Tonight With Boy Abunda,” saying that they “decided to focus on ourselves not only for our careers but more for our personal growth.”

“We agreed that going separate ways was best for both of us. We are in good terms and are still really good friends and will continue to work with each other especially when it comes to music,” the statement read.

After the breakup announcement made rounds on social media, netizens started speculating that Reid might have cheated on Lustre with Issa Pressman. It’s unclear where these rumors started, but many were sharing a thread posted by anonymous Twitter user @teaandsnakes1 where they accused Reid of kissing Pressman behind Lustre’s back (literally) during a party.

The video is blurry and some people couldn’t tell whether the alleged kiss happened or not. Based on photos from the party, the video doesn’t seem to be recent since Pressman’s hair looked different. (She shaved her head recently.) Some netizens also alleged that Reid and Pressman have been traveling together, bringing up speculation that they’ve been dating since 2019.

Still, fans have decided to brand Reid a “cheater” and piled on Pressman and their friend group for allegedly enabling his behavior.


Some have also made memes connecting the situation to the Gerald Anderson-Julia Barretto third party issue.

Again, neither parties have addressed these speculations and it’s unclear whether the alleged kissing video happened before or after JaDine’s breakup. The harsh comments, especially towards Pressman, are unwarranted. Some fans have blatantly said that Pressman will never be able to post photos with Reid without getting bashed, while others ridiculed the former’s bisexuality. Even host Bianca Gonzalez couldn’t help but comment on how ruthless social media is regarding the breakup news.

As sad and frustrating it is to see your favorite actors break up, it’s really none of anyone’s business. Both Reid and Lustre already made it clear that their breakup was a mutual decision. The least people could do is respect their privacy, not send scathing remarks, and not ridicule someone based on their looks and sexual preference.

If the cheating rumors are true, just remember that it’s never a one-sided situation and the burden of blame shouldn’t be placed solely on the woman.


Photo courtesy of Nadine Lustre’s instagram account

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