LOOK: Hollywood celebs react to Trump’s impeachment

Just in: Donald Trump is officially impeached. The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday, Dec. 8, to impeach the US president on the first article for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House has passed two articles of impeachment against him. 

The House voted almost entirely along party line for the first vote, with a number of 230 years from the Democrats and 197 nays from republicans. For the second article of impeachment, the final vote count is 229 yeas from Democrats and 198 nays from Republicans. 

Here are some celebrity reactions:


The White House just released a statement following Trump’s impeachment, calling it a “sham” and “one of the most shameful political episodes in the history of our nation.” 

Donald Trump is the third president in US history to be impeached. 

The House of Representatives just adjourned and will return tomorrow, Dec. 20, while the Senate trial is expected to begin in early January. The trial will settle whether or not to remove the president from office. 

 [CNN and NBC]


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