If Mother Nature was a person, she’d drive this car

Oh, Mother Nature, the world owes you a huge apology.

If Mother Nature was a person, she would probably join a climate change revolution if given the chance. Who wouldn’t do the same though? In this year alone, we saw the Amazon Rainforest go up in flames, the flooding in Venice, and microplastics in Arctic ice. This is why people are doing whatever they can—from going zero waste to reducing carbon emissions—to hopefully prevent climate damage.

But what are some of the things that Mother Nature would do to save the planet? Let’s say she’s a city girl who’s constantly braving traffic—it’s important for her is to find an electric vehicle that will get her to her destination efficiently. A good choice would be a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). Here are three reasons why:

Less carbon emissions

Electrified cars can reduce the effects of climate change as they limit warming to below 2°C or 1.5°C. Another advantage of using HEVs is that they have reduced pollutants which can cause health problems. Mother Nature wouldn’t want to own something that harms both the environment and the people around her.

Toyota’s goal is to eliminate carbon emissions in the next three decades via the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 campaign. HEVs are a great start, especially in the Philippines which has heavy traffic along major highways almost every day.

Lasts a long time

Cars are an investment—if you take good care of them, they will last you a long time. Mother Nature would want something that she can pass down to her family members. She definitely reminds us of our own mothers who give out hand-me-downs that can still be used for years to come. HEVs also have a five-year warranty for their batteries and they are designed to last the life of the car.


If you want to know more about Toyota’s HEVs, you can check their website and Facebook page for updates on their upcoming projects. You can also check out their new HEVs here.

You can also check them out at Toyota’s Hybrid Electric Vehicle Expo happening today until Dec. 16 in SM Mall of Asia, and Dec. 18 to 22 at Bonifacio High Street. You’ll get the chance to test them out as well. Who knows? You might just find the right fit for you.



Art by Tricia Guevara

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