Mercury retrograde is over—here’s what I learned

The Mercury in retrograde this Scorpio season is the most intense planetary alignment this year, so if you’ve ever felt emotionally defeated since Oct. 31, you know whose fault it is. Fortunately, it will finally come to an end today, Nov. 20. 

I’ve also let out a huge sigh of relief when I found out it’s about to end. The fact that it’s also Scorpio season made it more difficult for most of us because as we all know, Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with. Horoscope notes that when Mercury is in retrograde, “things break, projects stall, we lose things, breakups happen, schedules are thrown off, we get frustrated, we lash out and more breakdowns in communications follow.” Plus, Mercury is the planet of communication and thought, which could probably account for the many instances of miscommunication this season. 

According to Phil Booth of CBC Life, a pivotal kind of week will come up as the sun leaves the sign of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on Friday, Nov. 22. Thus, a big shift will come along the end of the Mercury retrograde. “Hard-working Mars likes to be in the determined and relentless sign of Scorpio. This will help you get results wherever you’ve been held back. Clear the path. You’re coming through,” said Booth.

As the retrograde ends today, we will finally have the time to reflect on the truths that we’ve had to confront during the past few weeks—whether it’s about our past, ambitions, relationships, and how far we’ve come in the path to self-actualization:


Retrograde cycles are known for bringing up the past. As stated by astrologer The Rad Diviner, the Mercury in retrograde is a time to reconnect with old friends, so you’ve probably caught up with someone from your past or found that an old issue has resurfaced. You might have found some new information that brought you clarity, helping you understand why a certain event had to happen, and now you’re ready to move forward.


Since Scorpio is a sign of transformation, have you also reconsidered your goals and ambitions? The thing is, though, even if you’ve made up your mind about where you are right now career-wise, it will likely change depending on your environment. According to author Morra Aarons-Mele, “In times of transition, your definition of “success” may change, and, consequently, the choices you make may change, too.” So try to reassess these definitions, reasons, and decisions—and then decide if you’re going to stick with them.


This aspect is the trickiest to handle because this is where emotions really come in. According to Astrology Zone, Mercury retrograde period is not an ideal time for anything related to communication. So you’ve probably experienced instances of miscommunication, which might have caused you to respond aggressively. Maybe it even came to a point where you wished you could take back what you said. Elocin Rose of Style Caster’s advice for this season is to pick battles that are worth taking on. Writer Alecs Ronquillo also mentioned the importance of trusting our instincts this retrograde because “not everyone who tells you information is telling the truth.”


According to the Elite Daily, retrograde cycles are for reflecting. I haven’t really had the time to reflect given how busy we’ve all been, but now that it’s ending, I actually have a few thoughts. Astrologer Brian Allemana said that during these past few weeks, there’s a possibility of “things breaking down or not going the way you intended them to go.” I’ve experienced this myself—not knowing how things will turn out but just needing to be ready anyway. Luckily, everything fell into place as I tried to confront these issues the Scorpio way: Since it is the sign of death and rebirth, I’ve realized that certain issues from the past are meant to be addressed so I could finally allow myself to breathe. I realized that my plans in life will depend on how committed I am to achieve my goals; that words matter so I have to be careful with what I say; and that setbacks and confusion exist for a reason and that they can help us prepare for bigger changes.

So here’s to us for surviving the most stubborn Mercury retrograde. This will be the last for this year and hopefully, next year won’t be too draining.


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