Figuring out if Sagittarius is really “the best sign”

When we talk about zodiac signs, a lot of people (at least the ones that I know) can agree on one thing: Sagittarius people are pretty chill, if not the “best sign.”

To be perfectly honest, I only know a handful of Sagis in my life and they’re pretty okay. But it is surprising to hear all the positive things others say like how nice and laidback they are. It’s also quite ironic considering that Sagittarius is a fire sign, an element for its feisty qualities.

Since Sagittarius season began yesterday, we wanted to investigate if the “chill” theories are true. So if you’re ever curious about what makes your Sagittarius friend tick or you just want to know what they’re like, keep reading below.

Are they as chill as they seem?

First, let’s find out why people think Sagis are chill AF. Some of their positive traits include being honest, optimistic, and loves to explore. Astrofame listed Sagittarius as one of the most laidback signs because they’re allegedly happy-go-lucky and just goes with the flow.

Since they love to explore, you can easily ask them if they want to travel or try new things. So if you’re looking for someone to drag to places you want to go, Sagis are your best bet.

But of course, they’re fire signs which means they’re not as chill as you’d expect.

What are their other traits?

Zodiac Fire enumerated that Sagis can be impatient and restless, and “can become ruthless when they feel they have been wronged.” They are also said to be tactless—meaning they’ll tell you what’s on their mind and they might hurt your feelings—and unreliable because they prefer to do things on their own.

Bottom line: Don’t get into their bad side or they’ll call you out on your BS.


Remember that zodiac sign traits aren’t always accurate, but they can be a guide to navigate your own emotions and how you can interact with other people. (We also admit it’s fun to read horoscopes, so…)

So, do you have a Sagittarius in your life? Do you think they’re really laidback or the opposite?


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