Check your phones: Filipino users now have Instagram hidden likes

It seems like Instagram has started hiding likes here in the Philippines. Last week, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the platform will roll out the feature in the US in hopes of creating a safer space for users.

Last night, Instagram announced on Twitter that they’re testing out the hidden likes feature globally. We instantly noticed the update when we woke up this morning.

Instead of seeing the exact number of likes, Instagram will show you “others” or “thousands of others.”

Our post from last night (follow us if you haven’t yet!) | Screengrabbed by Jacqueline Arias

Contrary to what celebrities and influencers have said about the feature affecting engagement, IG didn’t necessarily remove likes. If you tap “others,” you’ll be able to see the total number of likes. Take note that only you can see this number and not your followers.

The like total is now private and only you can see it | Screengrabbed by Jacqueline Arias

Instagram has also noted that this isn’t permanent and that the team is still learning more from their global community.

So, do you like the new feature? Let us know @preenph on Twitter.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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